Aljosja Mietus
Aljosja Mietus


Aljosja teaches the harpsichord to anyone who is interested. From young to old people, from beginners to advanced players. The fun of making music and playing an instrument is central to his teaching. From this basis, it is possible to work on improving technique and playing the music in a beautiful and convincing manner.

The lessons are personal and Aljosja tries to adapt as much as possible to the possibilities and wishes of the student. He is also a very experienced basso continuo player (playing from a figuered bass) so he can introduce this art to the student as well.

Aljosja favores teaching at his home because he posesses a beautiful instrument, which is of great importance in learning to play the harpsichord well.

Location: Kepplerstraat 241, 2562 VM Den Haag